PayslipMaker Is The New and Improved Nifty Payroll

I have upgraded my payroll software and given it a new name - PayslipMaker.

Nifty Payroll has been retired and is no longer available for sale. Old Nifty Payroll users have migrated to PayslipMaker.

Go to the PayslipMaker website for more information:

How To Input Salary Information

This is how to input salary information in Nifty Payroll

1 Click My Payroll to open the Payroll form


2 The Payroll form opens on the current month (based on your PCs date)


3 You key in salaries in the Input area which is the lower half of the payroll


4 First, select an employee from the drop-down list which you open by clicking the down arrow to the right of the employee field


5 Second, select the Pay Type you wish to enter an amount for, eg Basic Pay


6 Third, enter the Pay Type amount for that employee


7 Type in a note in the Notes field if the entry needs explanation (this is not required)


8 Example of completed Payroll form for several employees with different types of salary data


9 when you go to a new month you only need to click Copy Previous Month


10 All entries are copied to the new month (You can select which type of entry should be copied)



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