PayslipMaker Is The New and Improved Nifty Payroll

I have upgraded my payroll software and given it a new name - PayslipMaker.

Nifty Payroll has been retired and is no longer available for sale. Old Nifty Payroll users have migrated to PayslipMaker.

Go to the PayslipMaker website for more information:


There are four basic things you need to know to get up and running quickly on Nifty Payroll. [click to continue…]

After inputting the payroll data for your employees (basic pay, deductions, pension, etc.), all your reports are available in one click, here is how [click to continue…]

There are three ways to open the different forms/windows inside the Nifty Payroll program:

  • The Navigator form
  • The Shortcut buttons
  • The Nifty Payroll menu commands

See how to use each of them in this tutorial [click to continue…]

Each employee gets their own employee record. Here you see how to add or edit an employee record [click to continue…]

This is how to input salary information in Nifty Payroll [click to continue…]

You need to backup your data frequently. It’s best to make a backup whenever you make a change to your payroll. [click to continue…]

You enter the different components of an employees salary using the Pay Types. Pay Types are anything you call an item of salary, for example, basic pay, bonus, overtime, SACCO deduction, pension, insurance relief, etc. All these are called Pay Types in Nifty Payroll. [click to continue…]

This is how you remove or delete a row or line from the payroll form (works for the payments form also) [click to continue…]

Both NHIF and NSSF require returns to be made in an Excel file. Here is how to create the Excel files from inside Nifty Payroll: [click to continue…]

Here is how to change the data file you are currently linked to or reconnect to your data file after running an update. [click to continue…]