PayslipMaker Is The New and Improved Nifty Payroll

I have upgraded my payroll software and given it a new name - PayslipMaker.

Nifty Payroll has been retired and is no longer available for sale. Old Nifty Payroll users have migrated to PayslipMaker.

Go to the PayslipMaker website for more information:


In the last one-and-a-half years, I have spent less than 24 hours in total processing our monthly payroll and KRA Reports. Logos Christian School currently has a staff of over 50.

Reason? Nifty! [click to continue…]

The experience with Nifty has been the greatest of all the time each time I have had to create the payroll. As its statement says its just quick, easy and accurate!

It’s amazing the way it has actually quickly integrated the new KRA taxpayer software. It does data import without having to worry of re-typing or data loss. [click to continue…]

We have now been using the nifty payroll for three months and with an average 150 employees, we wonder how we managed before we discovered this system.

We have about 12 departments and this system even does the journal allocating costs to the various cost centres with no hassles at all! [click to continue…]


I dreaded the end of the month. All other work came to a standstill as we sat down to calculate overtime, advances, leave, etc. Now Nifty does all of it. No more mistakes and no more stress. It takes just a few minutes.


Nifty Payroll is really easy to use. The interface is easy to learn and creating each months payroll takes us just a few quick clicks.


No more complex Excel formulas! Nifty Payroll now does all the tax and other calculations quickly and easily. I’d recommend Nifty Payroll to anyone who just wants to get their payroll done without becoming an Excel guru.


Nifty Payroll has given me something to smile about every month as I prepare payroll. It is user friendly and easy to operate. I can get all the reports I need both monthly and yearly at the touch of a button. Like now (June) most kenyans are rushing to make returns at KRA, Nifty Payroll has saved me the headache of processing the necessary documents for my employees. It has become as easy as A,B,C … I will recommend the system for any business that appreciates efficiency and speed.


I find Nifty payroll to be easy to use and it has all the reports we need such as payslips, and end year reports required by the KRA. Kim is always available in case we have any problems and is reliable, professional and very helpful.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making my work easier during the year. Your software was a blessing and it has really helped us with our ever-changing staff volume.

(Extracted from an email sent to Kim of Nifty Payroll).