PayslipMaker Is The New and Improved Nifty Payroll

I have upgraded my payroll software and given it a new name - PayslipMaker.

Nifty Payroll has been retired and is no longer available for sale. Old Nifty Payroll users have migrated to PayslipMaker.

Go to the PayslipMaker website for more information:



My name is Kim Kanari and I’m the developer, the technical support guy, the marketer and an end user (client) of Nifty Payroll.

As a potential client of Nifty Payroll it’s important for you to know who I am and what qualifies me to provide a reliable and accurate Kenyan payroll system that you can depend on.

Here are the reasons …

First, My Training:


I’m a trained and experienced accountant. I’ve worked for many years as a senior and chief accountant in various companies and I also worked for two and half years as an auditor with Coopers & Lybrand before it merged with PriceWaterhouse to become PwC, many years ago. I continue to do accounting for my businesses and advise other organizations on their accounting systems as well.


I taught myself how to do computer programming over many years (It’s always been a passion of mine). But I also did a masters in IT (M.IT.) to make sure my self-taught skill was in line with solid software development fundamentals. I did my M.IT. degree in Australia over one year, full time, in 2002/2003. I was lucky to be taught by some very experienced and smart professors from Australia, India and Scandinavia.

Second, I’m Client #1 (An End User):

My wife and I run a tailor shop called Occasions & Days Ltd that has around 10 employees. I do the payroll for this business on Nifty Payroll as an end user of the program.

You can say I “eat from the same pot” as my clients – If there is a bug or a problem in Nifty Payroll, I’m also affected. So I’m usually the first to see any such issues and fix them quickly and painlessly for my clients.

Being a user gives me more motivation to make sure Nifty does everything correctly and conveniently than if I was only the developer of it.

Third, Clear Marketing:

I’m an entrepreneur who makes a living selling things to people. I early on realized how little I knew about marketing and became a serious student of the subject. One of the key things I discovered is how important it is to be very clear to your clients about what your product is and is not. People like to be provided with all the information they need to make a purchase decision.

This website is my attempt to clearly show you what Nifty Payroll has to offer to make it easier to do your payroll. Hopefully it makes it easier for you to make a buy or no buy decision quickly and painlessly.

Fourth, Rare Combination:

To find a payroll system developed by an accountant, a programmer and an end-user is a very rare combination. This has given me a rare combination of qualities that put me at an advantaged position to give you a high quality product you can rely on for years to come to simplify your payroll processing.

I Hope You Buy

I’ve done my best to create a product that combines power and simplicity. I hope you like it and become my next client.

I wish you the best.